Oh How I Hate Dieting!

Oh, I’m sick of this dieting

In my quest to be all lithe and slim

Some food is so difficult to give up on

And, I am not really keen on the gym!

This spare tyre that I carry round my middle

Spills over the top of my jeans

I need to ditch the roasts and the curries

And eat more salads and greens!

I’m fed up with looking so chunky

And hate to see myself in the nude

I really must get some willpower

And take control of my food!

I know my lifestyle is unhealthy

That’s why I have diabetes type 2

I have given up smoking and drinking

And there is just this one thing to do

I have to become more assertive

If I am going to succeed

And stick to what’s healthy and nutritious

Instead of giving in to my greed!


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19 Responses

  1. Sigh. I’m with you, Judy. Me too.
    A wonderful portrayal of a common predicament. o_O

  2. We’re all right there with you, Judy. ☺

  3. Weight Watchers is working so well for me (22 pounds gone!). The weight played havoc with my injured knee! Good luck and great way to express it!

  4. olganm says:

    Now it seems most of the advice on dieting has been wrong anyway… And of course, hormones and age always ready to make matters worse… Good luck. We’ll keep trying.

    • Judy Martin says:

      That makes it even more confusing when we are given such conflicting advice. Yes, the middle-ages spread had got a hold of me and does not want to let go! I Will beat it though! 🙂

  5. rosemawrites says:

    good luck, Judy! you can do it! 😀

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