Oh How I Hate Dieting!

Oh, I’m sick of this dieting

In my quest to be all lithe and slim

Some food is so difficult to give up on

And, I am not really keen on the gym!

This spare tyre that I carry round my middle

Spills over the top of my jeans

I need to ditch the roasts and the curries

And eat more salads and greens!

I’m fed up with looking so chunky

And hate to see myself in the nude

I really must get some willpower

And take control of my food!

I know my lifestyle is unhealthy

That’s why I have diabetes type 2

I have given up smoking and drinking

And there is just this one thing to do

I have to become more assertive

If I am going to succeed

And stick to what’s healthy and nutritious

Instead of giving in to my greed!


      1. But about that pic you used in the post. I had that for dinner last night. Grilled chicken breast, salad and marinated asparagus. It was great, but I woke up hungrier than normal. Go figure !

  1. Now it seems most of the advice on dieting has been wrong anyway… And of course, hormones and age always ready to make matters worse… Good luck. We’ll keep trying.

    1. That makes it even more confusing when we are given such conflicting advice. Yes, the middle-ages spread had got a hold of me and does not want to let go! I Will beat it though! 🙂

          1. You do get used to it, and at my age, it does not bother me, or maybe I have my head on properly on this one. I would rather not eat it than suffer the consequences after the fact

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