Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Beauty


Ron is in charge of the prompt word this week for the Writer’s Quote Challenge that he and Colleen host, and has given us ‘beauty’ to work with. I already had an idea of how I was going to go with this, and the following quote matches it perfectly:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. 

–  Confucius

When you think of beauty

What is it you see?

The woman with a six-inch scar

From where her breast used to be

The old man at the graveside

Of where his wife now rests

The charity serving dinner

For their homeless special guests

The brightly coloured birthday card

Your children made for you

The moment at a wedding

When the couple say, “I do”

A song heard on the radio

That has blown away the years

The birth of a newborn baby

As it cries its first real tears

The bashed and battered teddy bear

You’ve had since you were a child

The home that you grew up in

The garden now overgrown and wild

When you think of beauty

What is it you see?

The world is full of beauty

Or at least, it is to me.




    1. I kept coming back to that quote as it really spoke to me; great minds eh?…..
      I really tried hard to convey that beauty is not always the obvious, and I am so glad it came across so well. 🙂

  1. Judy, this is such a great poem. This is my favorite line: The home that you grew up in, The garden now overgrown and wild, When you think of beauty,What is it you see? Hugs to you Judy! You are a beautiful person! <3

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