7 Days of Black and White Photos Challenge Day

7 Days, 7 Photos Day 2

The supremely talented baker and writer Robbie Cheadle, and my lovely blog sister, Superblogger Ritu Bhathal have challenged me to take part in the photography challenge: 7 days, post 7 B&W photos of your life, no explanation, no people, challenge another person each day.

Please click on the links to check out both of these wonderful ladies’ blogs, there is so much to discover there.

7 Day 7 Photos Day 2


I would like to challenge Sandra from Wild Daffodil to have a go.  She is so creative, I look forward to seeing her photos.


  1. Thank you Eddie for thinking of me, however I will decline your kind challenge – I have so many blog posts backing up at the moment, I noticed a tiny twinge of panic when I saw my name on your post! (Doesn’t take much!) Hope you understand. <3

  2. Nice photo! I’m trying to figure this one out…
    I have this coming up. It seemed a fab (and challenging) challenge. Your life in 7 photos??? O_o Look forward to your next one.

    1. We have several tanks randomly dotted around our town, and this one had a teddy sitting on the front of it that someone must have recently put there. I don’t think we have to sun up our lives in 7 photos, just take photos from our everyday life, well that is how I have interpreted it. 🙂

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