7 Things I Remember From Childhood That Have Gone Now

7 things from childhood that are gone now

I was just reminiscing about the good old days, those carefree days of childhood when everything was so different…Thank God, some things do change for the better!

  1. Who remembers that awful scratchy toilet paper (or was it tracing paper)? that didn’t wipe anything at all, instead just spreading it around. Not only that but it was so rough and got into all those tender places making them sore. This was all we had at school so we had to like it or lump it!
  2. The note from Mum. I love this one, it was like a magic ticket in some ways that NOBODY questioned. It got you off PE (well it would if it were genuine, I tried forging it once and got found out straight away)!  Your Mum would send you off to the shops with a note for 20 cigarettes or Dad would want some beer, If you had the note, it was fine! I can’t believe looking back that I travelled back from Germany on my own at 14 years old on my own, via train and Ferry with just a Visitor’s Passport and a note from my Mum saying I was not a runaway
  3. Buying a single cigarette from the shop. This might not be common everywhere, but I do remember buying one or two single cigarettes on the way to, or home from school. There was also a cigarette vending machine at the end of our road which sold 7 cigarettes for something like 20p.
  4. Another one about school, corporal punishment  I remember when I was at school there were various forms of this, the cane, the slipper, the strap and the ruler being the most popular If a child was unlucky enough to get punished at school then the chances are they would get another clout when they got home for being in trouble as they always knew!
  5. Nitty Nora the bug explorer! Otherwise known as the school nurse! Although there are still school nurses, they don’t go through your hair looking for lice (nits), as they did when I was at school. They were quite heavy-handed as I remember, and would go through us one at a time in a room. The door was left open though and everyone knew if you had them. You would then be sent home in disgrace to get yourself treated before being allowed back.
  6. Another thing I remember from school is having to back all of our books. I used to hate doing this, especially if we didn’t have any brown paper or anything. I have used rather garish wallpaper before now when there has been nothing else!
  7. Doing PE in just a vest and knickers! When I was in primary school girls and boys would do PE in their underwear! It seems odd now, but nobody thought anything of it.

I have had fun looking back at this list from my childhood, but I am sure there are many things I have forgotten. Can you think of any? Please let me know in the comments,


  1. 1. Mom taught in the Chicago Public Schools and said the first time she used the toilet paper she cut herself.

    6. We also had to cover our books, and in fact they handed out bookcovers at the start of the year (covered with ads for the local businesses) and had us cover them right there in the classroom so the nuns could make sure we were doing it right. Mom would have us bring our books home then cover them with clear Con-Tac paper.

    7. We’ve had a long discussion on Facebook about how some high schools made the boys swim naked. By the time I was in high school they were handing out nylon swimsuits, but there was a high school in my neighborhood that would open its pool a couple of days a week and swimming naked was the rule.

    1. 1. Oooh, that is harsh! I am lucky that ours wasn’t quite that severe!
      6. That sounds like quite a faff, having to cover the books twice!
      7. Well, I am lost for words at this one!Was it just boys or girls as well?? Was it a very popular place for people?

      Thanks so much for sharing this John, it is so interesting to see what other people’s school day were like 🙂

  2. This is a lovely jog down memory lane. I remember back then going to neighbourhood supermarkets to run errands for mum and earning a penny. Now parents barely send their children anywhere. Those were truly the good times even with the scratchy toilet paper 😉

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