Anti-Social, I have No Pinterest In Tweeting on Linked in!

Anti-Social. I have no Pinterest In Tweeting on Linked In

I try using Social Networks

To bring people over to my blog

But being so tech-illiterate

I feel like I’m lost in the fog.

Linked in is more like locked out

I don’t really know what to do

Twitter makes me bitter

As I haven’t got a clue!

Pinterest lost my interest

Many months ago

On Instagram, I have no likes

Because I am so slow.

Facebook I can cope with

I don’t get in a rage

I’d love for you to visit

And  ‘like’ my Facebook page!


  1. Cute but, wow, so true. Except swap out the Facebook for Twitter and you’ve described me. I am Anti-Social (media). They pretty much all drive me bonkers. O_o (LOVE the title of this!)

      1. It is not just you. It really isn’t. And, I’ve found out over the years, those who seem to have it all together…don’t always. 😉 Just saying. Some do, though. And more power to them!

  2. I’m with Sarah, so you’re gonna have to swap Facebook for Twitter, Judy. I got thrown off Facebook, so you won’t find me on there anymore. Almost came back, but I had to slap myself and say ‘where I am going to find the time?’ 🤔

      1. Good to hear, Judy. I prefer it out of all the social media sites.

        My Facebook account got hacked, so there was some eye-popping stuff on it for all of about 5 minutes. It took them ages to sort it out. By the time they did, I decided to stay clear and spend the time on my other social media accounts. I don’t miss being on it and get to see you all on WordPress anyway. 😀

        1. Oh no, that is a shame Hugh, but I don’t blame you for leaving it alone after that! I have just found Facebook the easiest of all of them to use. Still, i am becoming more adventurous in my old age, what with Flipboard and StumbleUpon too. 🙂

  3. Nice one Judy, am I detecting a moment of damn social media as the inspiration for it? I certainly empathise with that after nearly three months off and coming back with eh? What’s happened to the mojo? Why are there cobwebs on my blog? What’s my log in passwords #eek.

    New year though and must get some follower targets, well, maybe a post it two first!

    1. Hi Gary, nice to see you back! This was a poem I wrote quite a while ago when I was trying to get to grips with Socia media and didn’t really have much of a clue! Of curse, I tried to do it all at once as well and it wasn’t going well. However, now I am slowly but surely mastering a couple more of them, and plodding on with the others!
      I am sure it won’t take you long to get back into the swing of things and you will soon gain more followers. 🙂

      1. I’m actually 25 short of 1000 on here for some bizarre reason, 7500 on Twitter too. Explain that if you can because ive no idea what I’m doing lol. I need to get that sorted really. In truth, I do know what I’m doing, just not being consistent enough. But then I have to balance social media against writing. I just can’t do both and the latter is why I’m here in the first place! However two and a half mi the out has really made it harder to get the mojo going which is why I jumped onto blogs I know from BUYB today. Really enjoyed reading them too, so that might work to inspire me social media wise again 😊

          1. Time is the great conundrum as a writer. You need to write or muck about on social media lol. Trying to do both is really impossible unless you live alone in one room and have no life!!! Last year I overcooked social media and wrote nothing as a result. When NaNo started it was the first writing since the previous event. This time I consciously scrapped social media time to work in it and managed to finish it. I lost the balance in hindsight. Although on the other hand it did build up a following….and now I’ve just neglected it lol. Rock…writer….hard place !

  4. I’m so gutted Pinterest isn’t working for you anymore after you put all that work in! I’m still struggling with bits of social media too, feel like I’m putting loads of effort in and not getting much back from it! Great poem!

    1. No Suzie! I wrote this poem a couple of years ago when I had no clue on how to use any of the Social Networks very well. I am doing well on Pinterest now and have got 358 follows when I only started with 88, and that is because of your hard work and what you taught me. I regularly go on Pinterest when I have time. I feel dreadful as it was not intended in any way to be complaining, just my tongue-in-cheek take on Socal media as a whole which I thought would be fun to share as I thought others may be able to relate to it. xx

  5. Very fun, Judy! I’m pretty sure I already have. But will make sure to do just as you say–Like your Facebook page. Social media can be a real bugger. I was just thinking how I’m neglecting instagram!

    1. OMG, Instagram! I am very neglectful of that at the moment! I am concentrating on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for now which is more than enough!! Thanks for liking my page. 🙂

  6. This is so funny and so me! My kids completely regret putting me on social media because I don’t really know how to use it properly, link the wrong things and embarrass them! And it is so time consuming – how do people have time to blog, tweet, instagram like, do whatever you do on Tumblr and Pin?? Beyond me!!

  7. I wish I wasn’t so into all of them (all but Pinterest. I used to like it, but I don’t get on with it now). Bloody social media takes up so much time, but I only have myself to blame really ha.

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