How to Become Addicted to Blogging

How too Become Addicted too Blogging

To become addicted to blogging

Is extremely easy to do

Just follow the steps I will teach you

And you will find yourself hooked on it too.

First, you must write a blog post

As without one, you can’t go very far

It can be about almost anything

From sewing to buying a new car!

Then you sit and wait anxiously

Hoping you’ll get a response

You know that it is important

Although you feign nonchalance

Next, you have to be friendly

It’s vital to have interaction

The giving and receiving of comments

Is a cause for immense satisfaction.

Blogging takes a lot of commitment

So doing it every day

Is a great way to speed up the process

As addiction will soon come your way.

Other bloggers will become your new buddies

And you learn from each other as well

You spend  all your time now on blogging

You are falling under its spell.

Sometimes it becomes so annoying

When you have something interesting to say

But you haven’t the time to post it

As ‘real life’ gets in the way!

You constantly check notifications

And hope there’s a comment or two

This blogging obsession is deepening

And there’s not a lot you can do!

You have even started to notice

That sometimes when you go out

And something unusual happens

It will be great to blog about!

If you are paying attention

And are following my tips to the letter

Then you too will be addicted to blogging

I can’t think of anything better!



  1. Yes, I’d say that’s about right. I love to get up in the morning and read blogs and write and come home in the evening to comments and more to read 🙂 It is demanding at times but there are great people (like you) here and I’d hate to miss out!

  2. Totally connect to this on all the levels haha. My blogging went from “meh…one post every week…” to posting every day and sometimes forcing myself to just take a weekend off because it’s good to have a break sometimes but omg is that an email notification?!

    It was bad for a while lol. I’ve started to get a handle on it now. There needs to be a support group haha

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