Five Things I Hate About Winter

Five Things I Hate About Winter

The recent cold weather assures me that winter is well and truly on its way now. Although it does have many good points,  which you can check out here,  these are some of the things that I hate about it!


Well least, I would if I didn’t have my husband to do it for me! I am lucky in that Mr Grump will defrost my car when he comes back from taking the dog out for her early morning walk.



Coats are so bulky to drive in, so I take it off. Then put it on again (if it is really cold), then take it off…As soon as I go into a warm room I get boiling hot, so despite the freezing conditions outside, I rarely wear jumpers in case I combust!






Although the rain looks fine and wispy, it doesn’t take long before it soaks right through you. I would rather just have a downpour and be done with it!






winter Getting up at dark o’clock and coming home from work in the dark makes winter pretty drab and depressing.






Constantly! Despite always trying my best to protect myself again those winter germs, and religiously getting my flu jab, I always end up getting at least one nasty cold.

What bugs you about winter?!


  1. I’m with you on the wearing of coats and the constant changes in temperature. Why are trains and shops so blinking HOT – I have to strip down to my Tshirt and carry all the other layers around.
    Greyness – hate prolonged greyness. Luckily it’s been quite sunny here so far.
    Keep healthy!

  2. I don’t like scraping the ice from my car. I have a six year plan to have a larger garage built. I hope it pans out.
    I also hate wearing a coat. While I wear sweaters/jumpers outside and at home, I seldom wear them to places like work or shops — just like you, I get too hot!

  3. He he, Judy. What I had about winter is that there is no snow and we hardly get any cold weather at all so it hardly feels like a change. Imagine having your white Christmas around a swimming pool. It is so disappointing.

    1. HA! I am with you on most of those, JP. especially the sneezing one! Although I love Christmas, I hate shopping for presents as I never know what to get anyone! 🙂

  4. lol, you know me, Judy, and how much I love the winter. However, I have to agree with you on the bulky coats and then going into shops and finding that my clothes get soaked because of all the sweat my body produces as it tries to cool me down. I don’t mind it getting dark early as I find those evenings in so contenting and, usually, we have better things to watch on the TV than we do during the summer months. I’m also a great lover of Christmas, and as my Birthday is also during the winter I get a double dose of pressies in a very short space of time. Well, I say that, because there are some cruel elves who say to me ‘this is your Christmas and birthday present combined.’ Grrr! What’s all that about? I wouldn’t say that to anybody with a birthday during the summer, would I? 😂

    1. HAAHA! I know what you mean about the combined Christmas and birthday presents, Hugh. Although my birthday is in February, I have had that happen to me! Naughty Elves! 🙂

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