#FundayMonday Ode to Music

An Ode to Music

Today’s video poem is about music; how it can transform your mood and transport you to another place and time.


If you enjoyed those poems, and have time for a cuppa then you might like to check out my book Rhymes of the Times. It has many more poems like this and is perfect for dipping in and out of when you fancy a little pick-me-up.




Rhymes of the Times Book

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  1. Brilliant. Music helps me do the housework too – Proclaimers and Mica are my go to tunes. Sit Down Next to Me by James, cos I’m touched by madness! and the Curiosity Killed the Cat – takes me back to a failed love affair if I want a good old wallow! ooo – and Eurasia. Thank Eddie, your poetry corner always hit the spot. <3 Now I must go practice my twerking.

          1. Ha!Ha! – oh no – just thought will have to get the Stones and the Shelleys twerking now! Can it be done?! Yikes – that’s tomorrow taken care of!

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