Healthy Eating, Healthy Living. A Renewed Attempt at a Healthier Life

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living. A Renewed Attempt at a Healthier Life

As some of you may remember, last September, I embarked on a low carbohydrate diet as recommended by GP in order to lose weight,   I had steadily got bigger and bigger, and I knew that I needed to do something about it. The fact that I have Type 2 diabetes as well means that I have to be extra careful about what I eat to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

I was going back monthly at first to monitor how I was doing, and to start with, I lost 5kg (about 12lb), and that gave me a great incentive to carry on. For over six months I had no crisps, no bread, pasta, rice, pastry or potatoes, and of course no cake either! Even at Christmas, I didn’t overindulge, in fact, I hardly indulged at all. This healthy eating lark was not proving to be much fun, but I was on a mission.

I didn’t lose any more weight, in fact, I put a little back on. To say I was disheartened was an understatement. In April I started University and still managed to keep to the no-carb lunches (mainly because I just took in fruit).

At the end of July, I went on my first placement, and this is where everything changed. The place that I was at offered a complete meal at lunchtime for a reasonable price, which often included starchy carbs of some kind. I piously left them for the first couple of days, but running around working twelve-hour shifts left me starving hungry, and to be honest, downright crabby!

I justified eating the carbs for lunch. Then I ate sandwiches now and again; oh, how I had missed bread. Chocolate crept in next, velvety smooth, milky chocolate, followed closely by crisps. I crunched my way through a 1/4 of a tube of Pringles without even blinking; they were soooooo good! Then came my home-made steamed puddings, Yes, I can cook, and by then I had started my holiday from Uni and placement so had some time to do so.

Bad idea! I have worked a couple of shifts for my old job, and I noticed that my uniform was a little snugger than before. I also felt bloated and huge (not surprising with all that stodge)  and decided that I had better get myself weighed again. I am 4kg (about 10lbs) heavier  now than when I started off in the first place last year!

That serves me right I know, but I wallowed (right word seeing as I feel like a beached whale) around in a bit of self-pity yesterday, had a good cry then decided that I need to get a grip of myself

So, it’s back on the low carb wagon again. I am going to eat a little bit of the starchy carbs but no more that about 120g a day. At least I won’t feel like I am missing out and there is a bit of substance there to fill me up! Oh, and I am going to take up exercise this time too!

There, I’ve said it! I bloody hate exercise, well I do if it involves me wobbling about with a load of skinny people, feeling ashamed and humiliated at the size of me. I haven’t quite worked out my exercise plan yet, but I am going to commit to doing it this time, and not using the excuse that ‘I run around a lot at work!’

Thankfully we have some of lovely bloggers like Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor who have joined forces to bring us  lots of healthy and nutritious recipes which you can find here. In fact, I have already bought the ingredients for Sally’s Brown Rice Pilaf that I have been meaning to try for some time.  Esme from The Recipe Hunter, also features many delicious recipes.

I am starting again with renewed vigour and determination and hopefully will not be making the same mistakes as I did last year:  I have learned that

  • Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels (yes I have nicked this quote and tweaked it to suit).
  • It is not nice to have squeeze into tight trousers that didn’t used to be tight!
  • My scales did work, it seems I just didn’t like what they said!
  • Healthy eating works better with exercise for losing weight.

By the way, I have started a Healthy Eating Board on Pinterest where I am going to pin recipes, inspiration, and some motivational quotes. If you would like to contribute to this board then please just send me a message.



    1. I went again to the gym this morning and am still trying to eat healthily but have not seen much improvement yet! You have proven you can do it sis and will do it again, xxx

  1. I find that I am a binger when trying to eat healthy. So I try to keep things all in moderation. Yes I have an addiction to potato chips, and always will. I love them. All of them lol. But now I will have a small bowl, instead of eating the whole bag. it satisfies my cravings just by having a little bit and then I don’t feel bad after. Best of luck in achieving your goals!

  2. You can do it! In addition to Sally’s book, Size Matters, there are a couple others I suggest… Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford (a real eye-opener) and Eat Fat, Get Thin (I do not remember the name of the Doctor who wrote this one, sorry) We tend to make choices based on what we believe to be the right way to eat and sometimes the results can be personality changes, weight gain and eating everything in sight when we have finally had it! I feel you are just the other side of where you want to be and you WILL get there, Judy. Keep moving forward. <3

  3. Losing weight and dieting sucks! Even with daily exercise, I managed to gain weight, thinking I was eating less. I have to keep track of what I eat. Weight Watchers is the ONLY thing that helped me, the app keeps me accountable, meetings really help me, but I know many who just do the online program successfully. I tried all that low-carb, paleo, this and that silliness — sure I would lose weight but could never sustain it because I was on a DIET. “Die” is in that word and one piece of chocolate or a potato and it was all over. I also cut back on alcohol–I allow one skinny margarita on the weekend and I track it! Good luck and I hope you find what works for you!

    1. Thanks Terri. I think as soon as I hear the word ‘diet’ I instantly become starving and want to to eat everything in sight! It is hard work trying to keep on the straight and narrow! Thank you for your support, it is appreciated 🙂

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