#JusJoJan and #1LinerWeds 2018. January 10th Student

#JusJoJan and #1-Liner Weds Student

Today we have the combination of Linda’s Just Jot it January and One-Liner Wednesday.

You’re a student?  Well, good on you!

I am used to the looks of surprise now when I introduce myself as a Student Nurse at work. I can almost hear them thinking,  look at her, she’s no spring chicken, a bit old to be a student!

In fact, someone asked me how old I was yesterday out of curiosity. I was not offended, as she was just curious as to what had made me decide to start studying at this time of my life. I have had quite a few similar conversations since I started my degree and all of them positive. It is lovely to know that one person that I spoke to (at the gym), is actually thinking of going back to study after I told her how much I was enjoying it and how important it is to me.

That makes it even more worthwhile!

#JusJotJan and #1LinerWeds Student#JusJotJan Student


  1. At 40, I was pusuing an associate’s in accounting at the community college. One day in physics lab, I taught a fellow student how to tie a slip-knot. She said, “Thanks, DAD!”

  2. You are one of those wonderful role models that we are never too old to start what we feel passionate about. In a workshop they told about a woman who started studying psychology in her mid 60’s and opened up successfully her own practice with 70!

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