A Little Self-Belief Goes A Long Way

A Little Self-Belief Goes a Long Way

I wrote this poem some time ago based on this quote. It seems particularly relevant to me at the moment as I gear up for exams and assignments.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt


I know that I have a bit of a complex

It is probably because I am shy

I worry that people think I am standoffish

Because I stand silently by

At many a social occasion

When everyone’s chatting away

I am desperately trying

To think of something to say

I don’t live in a fancy residence

I don’t drive the trendiest car

I am not a brilliant genius

I feel that I am below par

But wait, who says I’m not worth it?

It is me that causes myself grief

I need to forget about others

And work on my own self-belief!


  1. You are not stand-offish sis! Even when you are shyly waiting to speak to someone, you can tell it is nerves, and not haughtiness! And you are so much more than what your self belief is letting you think!
    You are simply wonderful in so many ways! Never forget that!!!!! <3

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