#Sillysaturday Maggie the Pole Dancer Raunchier Version


I decided to repost some of the #Sillysaturday posts that I did with Sandra to this blog in case you missed them on my Edwina’s Episodes blog that is no more ๐Ÿ™

I have teamed up again with the talented Sandra (or Daffy as I like to call her), fromย Wild Daffodilย  to bring you another bit of silliness this Saturday. ย Sandra is incredibly artistic and creative, and I just love the images she has created out of shells, stones andย flowers.

One of the nicest things about Sandraโ€™s blog is that you never know what she is going to get up to next, from beach art to knitted wigs, and mandalas to making spirals in herย garden.

Here is our little story for this week about a Pole Dancer, but this version is a little raunchier.


The feel of the pole between my thighs

pole dancer
Image courtesy of Sandra Dorey

Is rather a pleasant surprise

It doesnโ€™t feel daft

Sliding around on the shaft

You can tell by the look in my eyes.


My customers, I just aim to please

As I twirl and perform a striptease

I am truly delighted

To get you excited

Your desires I long to appease


To make me feel like a star

Stuff a wad of cash in my bra

Have a grope of my nips

As you leave me some tips

And buy me a drink at the bar!






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