Welcome To Everyone From Edwina’s Episodes

Welcome to everyone from Edwina's Episodes

I would just like to give a huge, warm welcome to everyone that has come over here from Edwina’s Episodes. I am so very sad to have to let that go, especially as I had built up such a huge community there, but I am hoping to continue my blogging friendships her now.

I will still be writing about the kind of things that I did before, anecdotes and funny stories, as well as my quest for a healthier lifestyle. Of course there will be poems, well rhymes and maybe the odd limerick or two and perhaps I will continue with the haiku writing that I enjoy.

I still intend to collaborate with my lovely friend Sandra from Wild Daffodil blog with her fantastic shell and pebble families which I have been writing some poems for.

Although I am not going to bring the entire blog over here, (in case it self-destructs), I have decided that I will publish a few of my latest posts that were on Edwina’s Episodes. This blog hasn’t been active for a while and I would like to have something here that I have written recently, and something for people to read whilst I establish this blog.

Thanks to all of you that have put up with the glitches and Gremlins that happened during the last few weeks, and most of all, thank you for sticking with me! I really appreciate it.



  1. Thanks for letting me know where you’ll be blogging from here on out. Just a suggestion: Back up Edwina’s Episodes and save the backup files. You don’t want to lose anything from there.

  2. Hi Judy. On the bright side, at least you have a Plan B – this blog! All signed up here. And don’t forget to add ‘backupguard’ plugin to backup this blog! πŸ™‚ x

  3. Not sure what happened Judy. Is your WordPress blog gone now? Will I only find you here now? Thank goodness for your Facebook post or I would have lost touch. Hugs to you my friend. <3

    1. I still have Edwina’s Episodes at the moment but will be closing it down. I do have this blog on wordpress as well. Thanks so much for the hugs, I need them right now! πŸ™‚

        1. I contacted my self-hosting company and they reset my account back to basics.However, when I tried adding some of the essential things back that I needed, I didn’t work properly still. As someone pointed out to me, my blog had so many gremlins I must have been feeding them! Images wouldn’t load. it would go down several times a day…the list goes on…and on!!

  4. No fun has it been and I am sorry it has gone pete tong as they say but this is looking lovely and it will soon all be just a memory as long as you have backed up and it looks like evreyone is following you over which is great…:)

    1. I have set it up to back up every day now!! I am glad you like the appearance of it, I am quite pleased with it too, and yes, I have been so lucky to have people come over here to stay with me πŸ™‚ Good luck with yours Carol. Hope it is all going well πŸ™‚

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