Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Adventure

It is Ronovan’s turn to suggest the prompt this week and he has come up with ‘Adventure’ for his and Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Writing Challenge Prompt. This quote seemed just perfect for where I was thinking of going this week with it. I have decided to write my poem about the Blogger’s Bash.

Every new friend is a new adventure…the start of more memories

–  Patrick Lindsay


This weekend I went on an adventure

I was determined to do it this year

Last time I was so regretful

That I let myself succumb to my fears.

My family didn’t think I would do it

Too many obstacles in my way

Anxiety, worries and shyness

Were not going to ruin my day!

Hubby dropped me off at the station

And I tentatively boarded the train

Despite getting all hot and bothered

I focused on what was my aim!

Ritu was there on the platform

With a huge smile on her face

Then off we went to meet Erika

Then had a coffee someplace!

Rich was not far behind us

The Blogily was now complete

We hadn’t got to the Bash yet

There were other bloggers to meet!

My nerves were now so much better

As we found our way to the pub

We met all of the committee

And Geoff had cooked up some grub!

Cakes of all kinds of flavours

He catered to every taste

I tried a bit of each one though

I couldn’t have them going to waste!

Hugh was doing the filming

And talking to every guest

Sacha was rocking her Louboutin’s

Definitely dressed to impress!

Ali was friendly and lovely

And welcomed us all with a smile

I was so pleased I had made it

I knew it would be so worthwhile

There were so many others present

Really there were quite a few

Many were faces I recognised

And I managed to chat with some of them too.

It was certainly a day to remember

I ‘m so glad I conquered my fear

And now I know I can do it

I can’t wait for this time next year!




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28 Responses

  1. Can I gush? A wonderful way to share your first outing to the BBash.:-D 😀

  2. OH, Judy! This was stupendous! Wow. What an honor to celebrate the Bash! Well done! <3

  3. Ritu says:

    This is just brilliant sis! I love it!!! A perfect verse encapsulating your Bash experience!!!!

  4. ellenbest24 says:

    Well done! Conquored fears ans had fun then to top it all off… you gave us a taste too.

  5. livingincyn says:

    🙂 This one is for all the introverts who were there. Thank you for this rhyme! Look forward to seeing you next year!

  6. Lovely poem Judy… So glad you overcame your fears to cone along. I was pretty anxious on my first bash too! Well done!

  7. Brilliant! Judy. What an honour to have a poem written about the Bloggers Bash. Thank you so very much.

  8. Lovely quote! That poem told the whole story––brilliant! I’m happy you had such a great experience. I hope someday to meet you all too. 😀 xx

  9. Sherri says:

    Love your poem Judy, you captured the day wonderfully. I’m so glad you came, it was such a pleasure to meet you at long last. And many congratulations on your placing for Best Dressed Blog! Here’s to next year and more hugs! 🙂 xx

  10. This was so fun to read since I have previously viewed Hugh’s video! Glad you had fun!!

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