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Judy E MartinThank you for visiting, it is lovely to have you here.

Sometimes life can become a little heavy-going, with many of us battling through it as best as we can. We try not to trip over the numerous obstacles that pop up along the way, or get winded from the knocks that we may suffer.

After all, none of us are going to make it out alive, so we might as well pack as much fun, sunshine and laughs into it as possible!

Some of us love to have a bit of music to chase away the blues, some of may use food to cheer ourselves up, others relax with a good book. Now, this is where I might be able to help.

My way of dealing with things, is to try to see the humour in them. Now I know this is not always appropriate at the time. After all, when you’re cleaning the scum off the bath, laughter isn’t the first thing that springs to mind!

Most of us can relate to these situations though, and that is why I thought it would be fun to turn them around a little and look at it from a different perspective. Ok, you are not going to suddenly love housework or anything, but I do hope that you might remember something from my poem about it that might make you smile the next time you grapple with the vacuum cleaner!

You see, I love writing poems, and little ditties, mostly in rhyme, as the rhythm is pretty upbeat and immediately lightens the mood. The subjects I choose are anything from the weather, to relationships. Oh, and as a little treat at the end of the book, I have added a couple of naughty little rhymes too, because let’s face it, sex  gives us plenty of opportunity for a laugh!

Now, if you have clicked on my links, you would have been taken to my YouTube channel, where I am reciting some of my poems, Many of these are in my book, plus there are a couple of brand new ones too.

So what is this book that I keep on about. Well it is called ‘Rhymes of the Times’ and is a collection of my poems. It is intended to be a book that can either be devoured in one go, or it can be delved into whenever there are a few spare minutes.

Rhymes of the Times


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