You Know You Are Past It When……

You know you are past it when....
  • You forgot what you did yesterday, and it wasn't due to an over-indulgence of alcohol!Click To Tweet I like to keep a diary which I have done for years. The problem is when I go to write it up; sometimes I forget what I have done and had to try to work my way backwards to jog my memory!
  • Instead of having a bit of ‘afternoon delight’ you end up nodding off! You know the scene, you have got the house to yourselves, a good couple of hours of uninterrupted time alone to do whatever you want, so you fall asleep on the settee!
  • The only time you wear something ‘trendy’, it is accidental. You are at that stage now where comfort is a must; forget fashion, you want practical! So when you do put on something that is trendy, it is more likely that after 20 years it is finally back in fashion!
  • You still talk about ‘records’,’discos’ and ‘going to the pictures’. Most of the youth of today do not know what a record is, and have never had the pleasure of listening to their favourite song jumping about all over the place where the record had become scratched or warped! Kids don’t go to discos (unless it is the school disco for some reason), they go to clubs (well at least I think so as I am way old to frequent such places)! Β I still talk about ‘going to the pictures to see a film.’ No, that is old hat. It is called a MOVIE. Pah!
  • You type out a text message in full. Now I am pretty ‘with it’ I know an emoticon when I see one, and I can even do a smiley face. However, I do not understand all this shorthand typing the young favour when sending a text. Even worse is the lack of punctuation!
  • You are getting ready to go to bed when the young are just getting ready to go out for the night! You know what it’s like you got up early, work was busy, by the end of the day you are shattered, and end up in bed no later than 10 pm! Now for young people, the night is just getting started at 10 pm. They have had a few drinks, and are raring to go, ready to have a good time. When you are getting up early the next morning (another sign of being past-it), they are just falling into their beds!
  • Your daughter tells you that her friends’ parents are all in their 30s and are so much more fun and laid back, you are the age of their fuddy-duddy grandparents with your practical clothes and sensible shoes designed for comfort rather than fashion.
  • You are always reminiscing about the ‘old days’! Yes, things were so much better back then, of course. Life was rosy, and we never got bored; just a stick and a bit of string and we were happy! Music was so much better, summers that much warmer and felt that they lasted longer. The problem is, your kids have heard it all before and are not impressed.


  1. Hmm, records, the pictures and discos….fortuitously I have age related amnesia so I don’t; know what they are and must be, de facto, quite young and with it, ya know wot I mean?

    What was this post about again? Oh yes times were better back in the day…strikes, power cuts, no bin collections, no wifi, TV that turned on so slowly I’d gone out, 3 channels….damn we had it good…no wait, that defiles my first line…. a lucid false memory… we had snow then too…just saying !!

      1. Or… is that age thing and selective memory recall. We had some bad times yes, but also some flipping great ones. The BIGGEST in my opinion is that it rested just before the world went mad and uber corporations discovered avarice. Consider apposition to my first answer; we took our own bags shopping, deposit returns on glass bottles, a tiny dustbin invariably half full, off licenses were the ONLY place to buy alcohol outside of a licensed premises. They opened 6 until 10 pm. Sugar was not blitzing everything and being outside more meant obesity was not prevalent. One car families or fewer. If your electricity failed a gas boiler kept going because you lit the pilot light with a burning splint. No mobile phones, You Tube, E-mail or social media…HELLO real world. I could buy a pint for 65p and it was good; now its nearing Β£4.00 and turn round landlords can’t keep the product anywhere near as good. Plastics were low use, coke came in a bottle or a can (soft fizzy drink for clarity), Amazon didn’t exist, local economies were in balance. you bought something it said “I WAS MADE HERE.” Emphasised because that has vey low carbon footprint.

        What I am saying is the planet liked us then, we were fitter and healthier, life was not as complex and we had to go out because staying in left reading, vinyls or 3 channel TV.

        Get them Rose tinted glasses right back on πŸ™‚

        1. Yes I agree! We had actual friends rather than virtual ones who we went to see. we wrote letters, and spoke to people on the phone, even if it meant putting 2p or 10p if you were flush into the phone box when the pips went!
          We had respect for our elders and authority and would rarely dare give any cheek.
          The list goes on…as did my glasses πŸ™‚

          1. And those phone cards, which are now collectable! Funny old world really. And, have you noticed how “modern” thinking is suddenly having epiphanies such as….take your own bags to the shops, deposits on bottles…. Hello, we used to do all this before greed set in and people, yes I do mean people, forgot about social responsbility. We grew up with it. Bin = litter not toss it out of a window because you can’t be bothered. Funny old world 😳

          2. I know….even in the distant past folk never tried reinventing the wheel…it’s round, it works…why make it square for a few years and then go back to round. I have a huge soap box on this type of thing and the word numpties features large!

            In the New Year, Lisa Orchard and I are looking to collaborate on a series of posts on environmental matters. This sort of thing really touches heavily on that wrt past ways of life being way better than modern “thinking” and now perceived “genius” with an idea that was already working before some numpty came up with that square wheel. We’re looking for ideas to open it up for bloggers to collectively post their views on the topic too.

  2. Hahahahaha!!!!! The Child didn’t know what a ‘record’ was, either. She pulled one of my albums off the shelf one day (I believe it was Simon and Garfunkel) and asked what it was. When I explained, she said ‘Oh! More room for liner notes!’ Of course, those were the days of CDs. Now, with music downloads, the days of ‘liner notes’ are also long gone!

    1. I know that vinyl is supposed to be making a comeback, but it won’t be the same as it was. I can’t see cassettes making a return though as they were always getting chewed up! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m not sure about records though.
    Hipsters love them so lots of young(ish)’uns still listen to records now!! πŸ™‚

  4. I love “Retro” thank you Sally I will join that club and I am most of your post Judy..flip flops for ever, no makeup and just pearl earings…I love my pearls..I never thought I would say that…Oh Dear!… No hope for me then…lol

  5. Sometimes, I rather a mug of horlicks than that last glass of wine, Judy. I also remember having breakfast, dinner and tea, now it’s no breakfast (unless it’s one those cardboard biscuits), lunch and dinner. I can remember that it was the ‘Ashman’ that collected and emptied our bins every week, now it’s the ‘Refuse Collector’ and the bin is collected every two weeks (if we’re lucky!). Bring back Mother’s Pride, pink and yellow waffers, tins of Rover biscuits, Yo-Yos Gipsy creams, and boxes of Christmas cards where you had to find the right size envelope to fit each card. I think we have it far too easy these days. πŸ˜€

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